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Royalty Yachts provides guests with the opportunity to experience the luxury of a private yacht charter in some of the world’s most spectacular sailing destinations. With a selection of some of the finest charter yachts available complete with the all the comforts you would expect of four and five star resort and the accommodations to exceed expectations. Every meal on-board a private yacht charter is a memorable culinary event with a superb menu featuring a broad range of freshly prepared foods by a highly qualified and experienced chef. Our pre-arrival preference sheet will ask for all your meal and drink preferences as well as any allergy or dietary requirements so the chef can prepare your menu accordingly. There is never a loss for excitement during you own private yacht charter. Whether it’s exploring the beautiful reefs and underwater marine life, or getting an adrenaline fix on a jet-ski, the week can be as adventurous as you desire. The crew consider your privacy; comfort and relaxation are their highest priority and will do everything possible for you to be treated like Royalty.

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Super Yacht Charters:

M/Y Grand Ocean Yacht Charter
M/Y Light Holic Yacht Charter
M/Y Serenity Yacht Charter
M/Y O’Mega Yacht Charter
M/Y Chakra Yacht Charter